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Quest for alliance 2 - the dark world
In the previous episode, the Gargoyles threatened to invade the known world and enslave it. Despite all their efforts, the Humans could not prevent this tragedy primarily because the Gargoyles were supported by the invincible Golems. Today all the Humans live under the control of the Gargoyles without any hope of escape. But one fine day, the hero of our story benefits from an unexpected event and escapes from his mine to try to reverse the balance of the world....

Now you can finally experience the fabulous sequel to the Quest for Alliance saga, the largest mobile RPG available. New levels of exploration, and gameplay combat that is more dynamic and addictive: you will find everything that made the first episode a success and improvements that make Quest for Alliance 2 a mobile game that cannot be ignored. You will enjoy same experience that is offered on a PC or console game because the interface of this new saga is directly inspired by the best games of this genre.

With graphics even better than the original, you will be completely immersed in a world rich in color and detail. The music throughout the game is on a level equal to that of the best RPG's. The gameplay combat is extremely well-thought out and designed to be endlessly engaging.

- Many playable characters: recruit companions who will accompany you in your adventure.
- More than ten hours of play.
- A heart-stopping script.
- Dynamic gameplay combat: use your tactical sense and your reflexes.
- Smooth graphics and animation.
- 7 different graphic environments.
- Blockbuster music for a complete adventure effect.
- 35 opponents with unique characteristics, each offering his own form of challenge.
- Many bosses, including the Gargoyle king, will bar your way.
- Hundreds of different weapons, armor, and equipment.
- Save anywhere during the game.

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The classic movie is now on mobile. You are a United Star System Colonial Marine recruit— selected to become the best of the best - if you can make it through elite boot camp. You are stationed on New Quantico, a secret training facility on a newly inhabited planet. While practicing against synthetic Aliens, the unthinkable occurs: the synths malfunction. And then, your real training begins!
1st person fighting system. In-your-face views of 15 different enemy attackers, including Alien face-huggers that cling to your face and the Alien Queen as she swings her massive tail at your body. Exclusive Colonial Marine weapons and armor Utilize an arsenal of nine unique weapons, like the Bazooka and the massive Smart Gun, and eight pieces of armor that can be collected throughout the game. Sounds of combat Hear the electric roar of the Pulse Rifle, the explosions of your RPG rocket and the death scream of the Aliens.

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It is the year 2000. The Predators have scoured the galaxy in search of big-game, and in humans, they have found an end to their quest. You are a high-ranking Predator. Much respected, and feared in the tribe - few other Predators have hunting skills at par with yours. As such, you have been given the honor of being the first to hunt the humans. Your scout-ship lands in the jungles of South America, near a secret military base. The hunt is on!

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Drusilla has captured Oz, and is using him as bait to lure Buffy. She wants to take on the famous Vampire Slayer from Sunnydale, and destroy her once and for all. Play as the Buffy the Vampire Slayer - kicking demon butt ! Walk, run, climb, and jump through 5 levels of a spooky castle on your way to rescue Oz!